Life In A Box - Solutions to Communication and Location Problems

Incredible Magic Boxes for a Contained Lifestyle

Portable Lifestyle Units (PLU's) offer Navigation, Organisation, Communication and Entertainment in a Pocket Package that fits into the palm of your hand. The modern mobile phone has transformed itself several times in recent years as it is re-invented with newer and more compact functionality.
Like the proverbial phoenix rising from its ashes the mobile is in the process of being reborn again as a complete navigation and communication unit

Compact Communication Device

Your mobile 'phone' is no longer just a portable telephone but can become a complete self-contained communication device with built in:-

  • Mobile Phone
  • Video Messaging
  • Conference Call
  • Voicemail Answering Service
  • Text Messaging
  • Fax Messaging
  • Data Transfer
  • email
  • email attachments and documents

Compact Entertainment Unit

The list doesn't stop there as more and more functionality is squeezed into these tiny personal devices.
Mobile Entertainment built into your handset includes:-

  • Digital Radio
  • Video Streaming
  • Music Storage and Playback - e.g MP3
  • Video Storage and Playback
  • Games
  • Online Internet Access

Compact Camera

A few years ago buying a fixed lense compact camera with a 1 megapixel resolution ccd would have the neighbours talking yet mobile phones have high resolution zoom cameras that take still photos and video footage with audio capabilities.

Personal Organiser

Incredible! Integrated Mobile Software even allows us to organise our lifestyle, keep a diary, set reminders for important events even get us out of bed in the morning with a programmable alarm.

Built into our phones we have:-

  • Calendar
  • Alarm Clock
  • Contacts Manager
  • Phonebook
  • Dictaphone or Voice Recorder
  • Notebook
  • Fold Out Qwerty Keyboard
  • PC Integration and Synchronising
Pocket Satellite Navigation GPS Receiver

Now incorporating the latest GPS Receivers, GPRS Technology and Software; it's possible to use your mobile phone as a satellite navigation unit and location device. It's even possible to send your dynamic co-ordinates to a friend and help you both meet up.

Emergency Beacon and Wilderness Activities

In principal, this allows you to carry a portable emergency beacon that can help rescue teams find your location if out fell walking, climbing or sailing.

Wilderness Group activities can be co-ordinated without maintaining visual contact if party members or sub-groups carry a compatible location device.

The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything - Don't PanicPortable Personal Lifestyle Units - PLU's

Douglas Adams in his wonderful Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy has two philosopher's ask "Deep Thought" a super-computer for a Simple answer to The Ultimate Question of Life The Universe and Everything.

The Answer, although simple is unexpected:- "42"

What do we call our new devices?

  • Mobile Phones - Hardly a fitting description anymore
  • Sat-Comms - Possibly
  • Smartphones - They're Certainly That
  • Mob-Navs - Sounds Dangerous
  • Gps-Mobile - Bit of a Mouthful!

They're being tweaked, honed, miniaturised, debugged, marketted, optimised, and offered "free-of-charge" with various network packages in a semi-standardised variety of sizes shapes colours and prices to match our needs, desires, personalities, pockets, man-bags and hand-bags.
They are personal, functional and have become uniquely integrated into our everyday life. We carry them from home to work, even room to room so until something better comes along why not think of them as Personal Lifestyle UnitS after all, they've got so many PLUS Points!