Wire Routing and Secret Power Supply for an Experience That Goes Deeper than The Surface

VESA Monitor and TV Mounts Installed and Cables Routed

North East LCD and Plasma TV Wall Mounts Supplied and Fitted

LCD and Plasma Flat Screen Display Mounts are available for VESA compliant devices up to a huge 90 Inch Screen or Nearly 2.3metres. That's big enough for most private and public display areas and if you need to go larger it's even possible to create a split screen display by having the image split and displayed via the appropriate software on several monitors arranged in a block or using a concealed High Resolution Projector System.

Specialist Monitor Screens

Non VESA Adapter Plates or after-market adapter plates are available to help you fit Non Standard Monitors and Flat Panel Screens to the variety VESA Compliant Mounts readily available.

Mounting Requirements

Once you have chosen your LCD or Plasma Screen you will need to mount it while providing a power supply and signal source - Using the built-in AV and Scart Connectors Modern Screens can receive and re-route signals from a variety of devices such as a:-

  • Signal Boosters - Aerial
  • DVD
  • Home Cinema System
  • Public Display System
  • Wireless Transmitter-Receiver for Remotely Operating Separate Audio Video Equipment
  • Laptop
  • Personal Computer PC
  • Home Theatre Computer Systems

Specialist Wall Mounting - Hiding Trailing Wires

Most home entertainment systems are comfortably viewed when the centre of the Wall mounted Screen is about 40 Inches from the floor.

This often causes a problem due to the Signal-Aerial Wire and Power Supply Cable trailing and spoiling the aesthetic appearance of a wall mounted system.

Specialist Fitting by an elecrical contractor allows installing a spur socket to your ring main that is located behind your HD-TV Screen or LCD Monitor etc.

The aerial-signal wire can also be concealed and electrically shielded to supply a high quality audio visual signal. It's probably worth having an extra DVI HDMI Cable Added just to allow for future modifications or upgrades.

Screen Wall-Fitting Process

Walls come in all shapes, sizes and materials

Stud Walls made of plasterboard with a hollow core make it relatively easy to install a hidden cable network although the monitor may require a special mounting plate to support its weight.
Occasionally the installed plaster boards have a honeycomb core to provide extra strength and were really to board 2 rooms simultaneously. A Honeycombed Stud Wall will need to be surface routed or chased like a solid wall.

Older Victorian-Edwardian properties often have lathe and plaster walls so great care should be taken not to dislodge the weak lime plaster or cement plaster from its substrate.

Brick Walls and Concrete Walls obviously don't have a useable hollow core so a channel needs to be chased or cut into the wall for a cable run either vertically up into a ceiling void or down to floor level.

Consideration needs to be given to the current Institution of Electrical Engineers (lEE) Regulations to ensure any modified electrical cable installations comply with current local or national legislation.

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300

O2 XDA Orbit

O2 XDA Orbit

Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W880i