Harajuku Device Accessories for Fashionable Japanese Cuteness

Erokawa Phone Accessories

Erokawa Mobile Phone Lingerie

Designer Lingerie for your Mobile Phone

Cuteness as a Japanese Sense of Fashion permeates all aspects of Japanese Culture and is just at home in the Big business Corporate World as it is in the smaller Street Markets.

It has even entered America pop culture with Gwen Stefani singing about kawaii in her Harajuku Girls Single

  • Just wait 'til you get your little hands on L.A.M.B.,
  • 'Cause it's (super kawaii), that means (super cute in Japanese)

Lately Kawaii cuteness has been combined with western eroticism to create a range of super sexy mobile phone accessories based upon miniature lingerie. Mobile Phone Underwear is available in both Designer Knickers and Bras.

They are known in Japan as "Erokawa" derived from Western Erotic and Japanese Kawaii (Cuteness)

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300



Apple iPhone iPod Multimedia Phone

Apple iPhone iPod

Harajuku is an area around the Harajuku Station in Tokyo Japan renowned worldwide for its eccentric teenage fashion sense. The teenagers can be part of a host of sub-cultures such as:-

  • Gothic and Lolita
  • Ganguro
  • Gyaru
  • Kogal

Kewaii Ketai - Wristomo or iMobile - Wrist Phone

Launched 2003 Whatever happend to the Mobile Wristomo wristwatch. How about the China based iMobile GSM Watch Phone
More Details on the iMobile C1000 available Soon<./p>

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