Portable Entertainment for a Mobile Lifestyle

Archos 605 WiFi

Archos 605 Video and Music Options For A Mobile Lifestyle

Archos 605 Models Available:-

  • ARCHOS 605 WiFi 30GB
  • ARCHOS 605 WiFi 80GB
  • ARCHOS 605 WiFi 160GB

Summary of Archos 605 Features:-

  • Handheld Digital Entertainment System: movies, TV shows, photos and music
    • Play Films/Movies
    • Record Television
    • Display Photos
    • Store and Play Music
  • Download movies and music directly on your PMP using the ARCHOS Content Portal
  • WiFi Internet Browsing
  • 4.3Inch TFT 800 x x480 Pixel Touch Screen
  • Create Music and Photo Transitions
  • 30GB of Portable File Storage - Enough To Store up to 40 Films, 300,000 photos or 15,000 songs

Archos 605 Overview

The French Company Responsible for the Archos 605 WiFi has a long history of making hard disk players with the 605Wifi being their 5th Generation Media Player.

Their experience shows with their clean, brushed aluminium housing having a flip stand built-in to help you stand the player down rather than having to continuosly hold it.

Larger rocker switches replace buttons and are easy to use; even if you've got large shovel hands rather than dainty fingers.

The Archos 605 also has the option of a Touch Screen Display.

The 4.3inch 800 x 480 Screen reduces eyestrain and allows for clearer text visibilty and internet browsing.

With Battery life of about 5 hours for video and 17 hours for audio its adequate for a mobile lifestyle for a large screen portable media player.

Archos 605 Accessories for Men and Women

Archos Compatible Devices

Choose from a variety of devices to expand the capabilities of the Archos 605

DVR Station (GEN 5)

A docking station to recharge your Archos 605 and record tv and most video into MPEG-4 Format

By docking your Archos 605 you can set up a very neat dvd quality wifi video streaming from your home pc to your Flat Screen Television.

DVR Travel Adapter (GEN 5)

Record from most video sources or Digital cameras onto your Archos 605Wifi via the Adapter cable and use it as a battery charger with an optional AC/DC Adapter

Helmet Camcorder (GEN5)

Use your Archos 605 as a mini-cam for sports or action videography with a Plug in a high resolution Mini Camera and built-in remote control and microphone to record action. Use it head mounted for hands-free operation.

Archos Mini Dock

Use it as a charger orPlay back Video to your TV and connect to most USB mass storage devices to download files without computer access.

Archos Battery Dock

As the Mini Dock but get extended battery life or portable charging facilities.

Archos USB Adapter Cable

Cable To Connect your Archos 605 to a PC.

Archos 605 WiFi USB Data transfer & Sync with charging function

Archos Plug-Ins

  • Video Podcast H.264, AAC Audio (GEN5)
  • Cinema Plug-In (DVD, MPEG2 video, AC3 audio) (GEN5)
  • Web Browser Plug-In (GEN5)

Archos 605 Compatible Cases

A selection of leather cases are available